Kanaya Maryam | Katsucon 2013

so I guess people are doing this thing where they post the cosplays they did this year? Might as well join in.

Vriska!John Egbert, Homestuck (Katsucon 2012); Kobra Kid; MCR’s Danger Days (Katsucon 2012); Terezi Pyrope (Katsucon 2012)/Dragonsuit!Terezi (AnimeNEXT 2012), Homestuck; Wise Guy!John Egbert, Homestuck; Latula Pyrope, Homestuck

Okay, so a lot of this year was Homestuck. Oops. I still had loads of fun though, and I made tons of awesome friends along the way! I really hope to improve a lot this next coming year~

Alright tumblr, LISTEN UP.

Any and all cosplayers should just take a moment to read this.

There are some people that I follow who I consider to be very good cosplayers, but they seem to think they aren’t adequate enough for whatever reason. Whether it’s because they lack self confidence, don’t fit their own headcanon, they see someone else who does it ‘better’, etc. And trust me, I’ve felt this way about my own cosplays as well, still do sometimes, but there’s something I think everyone should take into consideration.

If you take cosplaying as seriously as I do, I’m sure you’ve compared yourself to another cosplayer at least once (and I envy those who have not). You stared at their cosplay, wondering how they got so talented, wondering why you can’t look like that. You know cosplaying is only meant to be fun, but you just can’t help wishing that you looked like everyone’s headcanon cosplayer. I get that, but hey, guess what? It doesn’t have to be like that!

Take a look at your own cosplay. Look at the effort you put into your own creation and tell me, are you happy with it? Did you do everything in your ability to make it look the way you wanted it to? If you aren’t happy with it, what can you do to change that? That’s what cosplaying is really about, no matter what anyone else says. It’s not about ‘who can be the best <insert character here>’ or ‘who looks the most gorgeous’. Not only is it about having fun, but it’s about being proud of what you made. Being proud of getting through those long nights, sewing, painting, or maybe even just worrying if your wig’s going to arrive on-time or not!

There were times when I would compare myself to my cosplay idols, and get upset because I never thought that I would be as good as them. Hell, I still think that, but I’m not as upset about it. Sure, cancerously will always be a better Terezi, in my opinion, and friendleaderp will always be a much better John than I am, but you know what? Who cares! If I’m happy with my costume, then nothing else matters. Nothing else should matter. It’s a hobby for fuck’s sake.

I know a big part in hurting a cosplayer’s self-esteem is popularity, and it sucks when you aren’t recognized for your hard work! I completely understand, but you want to know how these people get so many fans? Because they definitely don’t ask for them. Let’s look at tumblr users adebimpe and lindzar. Wow, adebimpe is an amazing cosplayer. Too perfect for words, but you want to know something? She isn’t my headcanon Aradia. There are some things about her costumes that I would have done differently. So what makes her so ‘perfect’? Simple. She’s proud of her work, and she did her best to make sure she was happy with it. I can see that with every cosplay she’s done. Lindzar’s another cosplayer who I admire greatly for her costumes. Now, she isn’t exactly my headcanon cosplayer either, but she even said on her blog one time that she was just fooling around with her friends and having fun, not giving a damn about what anyone else thought, and bam! She somehow became one of the most well-known Strider cosplayers in the fandom. Neither of them asked for fame. It kind of just happened. Who knows, maybe it’ll happen to you too someday!

You may not fit into everyone’s headcanon, but as long as you do your best and you’re happy with your own work, to me, you will always be an amazing cosplayer.

hey tumblr i heard you like nosebleeds

I am a serious cosplayer guys

can’t you tell?

Almost done!

asdkgj I’m so excited I can’t wait to finish it

Wooo almost done with the hood! Just need to buy the buttons for the eyes and sew them on.

If I get them later and finish this off I might post some pics in partial cosplay… I was too lazy this morning to get into my tz stuff oops.









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