BUNNIES courtesy of @roseentwined #food #whatamidoing

Looks like another warm April morning #whatamidoing #livingtheanimelife

i just witnessed a glomping freshman send help

ok this is it i’m not deleting this again because i’m proud of how it looks so far #whatamidoing

ass quality photo and rain messed up my anime hair but hey I got prom fabric for under $50 so #whatamidoing #ootd

it’s not vanity if it wasn’t on purpose. my hand slipped.

my hair decided to have an ahoge today um #whatamidoing

fee fi foe fum

i smell the blood of an angry ciswhite

lol sorry sj bloggers for being concerned for my emotional health and not actively hating on white people 24/7

You know, it really is awesome that there are so many people out there who completely support equal rights. Everyone deserves their fair share of the world, their fair share of voice.

I completely stand by all of that. I am proud to be part of a generation that wants change. But it’s hard watching these arguments because both sides raise valid points, but they’re trying to fight as if one of them is the most true, correct answer that should be the end all, be all.

Everything doesn’t have to be about race!equality!x y or z! Well, no, it doesn’t. But that means you’re horrible! You just don’t want to hear about it! Okay, hold up. Both sides are proposing two extremes. Where is the grey area? Side A might not be able to handle so much negativity all the time, but that doesn’t mean they think that Side B’s cause isn’t worth voicing. Side B can take Side A’s comment as an attempt to shut them up, and will further defend what they stand for.

Neither side is wrong, but neither side is completely right either. This is where communication is key. I think if we sit down and talk things out a little more, perhaps look for ways to positively support movements… Things on tumblr might just be a little less hostile, which is a huge benefit for everyone since it’d be easier to get along with each other.