decided to go for a semi 50’s pinup sort of thing idk fashion #ootd #whatamidoing

I may or may not have downloaded a tamagotchi app #whatamidoing

ah, i love the smell of lonely butthurt virgin fedoras in the morning

BUNNIES courtesy of @roseentwined #food #whatamidoing

Looks like another warm April morning #whatamidoing #livingtheanimelife

i just witnessed a glomping freshman send help

ok this is it i’m not deleting this again because i’m proud of how it looks so far #whatamidoing

ass quality photo and rain messed up my anime hair but hey I got prom fabric for under $50 so #whatamidoing #ootd

it’s not vanity if it wasn’t on purpose. my hand slipped.

my hair decided to have an ahoge today um #whatamidoing

scroll up?