Sometimes I think about how the world’s revolved around competition and the idea of going up against others everyone else so much that everyone’s lost sight of collaboration, working together.

It makes me sad because it restricts possibilities. Each business field dwells within their own boundaries, when governments could work with artists to make an entire city into a living work of art. Businesses could work with environmental scientists to create something entirely sustainable and efficient.

Instead, everyone seems to just want to keep to their own area of expertise, their own social status, their own culture, language, race, etc.

I’d like to see this change in my lifetime.

I can’t let everyone know I’m actually anime trash.

The best part about being in college and not wearing fandom gear is that you get a chance to scope out the candidates while incognito.

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decided to go for a semi 50’s pinup sort of thing idk fashion #ootd #whatamidoing

I may or may not have downloaded a tamagotchi app #whatamidoing

ah, i love the smell of lonely butthurt virgin fedoras in the morning

BUNNIES courtesy of @roseentwined #food #whatamidoing

Looks like another warm April morning #whatamidoing #livingtheanimelife

i just witnessed a glomping freshman send help

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